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PH Partnership Architects

At PH Partnership, we pursue creative innovation without compromising on pragmatic design. Operating proudly from our bases in Durham, York, and Cumbria, we deliver bespoke designs with a professional approach and personal touch.

Buildability is essential to us, with cost control and build quality critical to our work. We remain ambitious in applying new technologies, and introduce them where they are justified and make economic sense. We do not uphold our sustainability ethos as a fashion statement, but see it as an intrinsic part of the design process.

As specialists in accessibility adaptations, we also take especial pride in championing the principles of inclusive design. We understand that it is the environment that disables people and we strive to make a positive contribution to the spaces around us – we love to see individuals thriving in our builds.

As testament to our first-class service, PHP has consistently ‘punched above its weight’ with great success, often being granted commissions in preference to larger organisations. Our wealth of experience and diverse skillsets have garnered us an esteemed reputation that grows with every project we undertake.