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This project was a specialist adaptation to an existing large and dated bungalow, which made for some topological challenges and necessary internal level changes.

The proposals for a young disabled child included an extensive extension to accommodate specialist facilities such as a hydrotherapy swim spa room, full sensory lighting system, large accessible bedroom, and ensuite with linked XY hoists to each room.

As well as providing full-level access, an essential requirement for the success of this scheme was the client’s ability to connect to the external environment. This connection was of key importance to promote well-being during potentially lengthy periods of housebound recovery.

As a result, we devised a series of interconnected zoned patio areas, which allows for outdoor living at its best. These areas also include a bespoke built-in barbecue and dining section, sensory water gardens, raised planters surrounded by maze-style footpaths (with green arches), and a secluded courtyard for the parents.

The extension also accommodates a large double-height living and dining room with glazed gable and special accommodation for carers in order to make the provision of care easier. A large new resin drive was also reconfigured to overcome a hazardous front entrance step arrangement and to provide level access to achieve compliant gradients.

Notably, the house includes a highly bespoke smart lighting and power system to provide assisted living via an ‘Alexa’ or smartphone.

Finally, for this scheme, we explored various sustainable technologies, and a state-of-the-art Photovoltaic array was incorporated to link back to a sophisticated Tesla battery system to minimise the dependency on the natural grid. This system was also configured to provide emergency power in the event of a power failure, which is key to particular care requirements