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Trevelyan College Refurbishment

Designed in a recognisably 1960s style, Trevelyan College lies in the heart of Durham University’s main campus. Over the course of two summer refurbishments we installed a new contemporary entrance lobby roof and fully-accessible student bedrooms; modernised the bathroom facilities; replaced the fire doors; and executed various other vital M&E service upgrades and access improvements.

The unusual hexagonal shape of the building naturally creates interesting social spaces (such as a unique entrance lobby), though equally awkward elements that we chose to revise (such as the linkages between each large, communal landing). To encourage social circulation, we designed the lobby without internal columns and created a bright and open space by featuring strong geometric patterns and crisp edges in a unique roof design. Similarly, our internal bathroom reconfiguration works took advantage of the existing robust concrete frame but opened up the previously cramped facilities to create more generous layouts.     

PHP led a multi-disciplinary team that cooperatively created detailed 3D models of the various environments, all beginning with in-house Point Cloud surveys.

To minimise disruption, it was imperative that all works were completed during the summer period – when the number of students on-site is dramatically reduced. Due to the amount of work involved in each refurbishment (as well as the need to order specialist items with long lead-in times), there were a number of logistical challenges that we successfully overcame by coordinating between various stakeholders.

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2018 & 2019